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Strong Facebook Accounts    |    Unlimited Spend Limit Verified B.M    |    1-1 Setup Assistance    |    Live Within 24hr Setup 

Got Restricted? Or Want Higher Spending?

Don’t let Account restrictions stop you from Scaling” 


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Pricing And Details

Below are the packages to buy facebook ad accounts and verified business managers at a one time price.  All orders come with our prevention *setup guide* written by 7-figure marketer. Get access to years of knowledge summarized in 1 video.

Package 1

Profile + Verified BM1


☑️ Strong Verified Profile

☑️ Real Friends in profile

☑️ B.M Verified

☑️ Daily Spend Limit Of BM $50

☑️ Strong Aged BM

☑️ Setup guidance\Videos

Stock Available!

Package 2

Profile + Verified BM5


☑️ Strong Verified Profile

☑️ Real Friends in profile

☑️ B.M Verified

☑️ Daily Spend Limit Of $250

☑️ Strong Aged BM

☑️ Can create 5 ad accounts

☑️ Setup guidance\Videos

Stock Available!

Package 3

Profile + Verified BM5


☑️ Strong Verified Profile

☑️ Real Friends In Profile

☑️ B.M Verified

☑️ Daily Spend Is Unlimited

☑️ Strong Aged BM

☑️ Can Create 5 Ad Accounts

☑️ Setup guidance\Videos

Few Left In Stock!

*Bulk discounts available for media buyers who require many BMs to test performance across multiple accounts*

If your monthly ad spend budget is greater than $10000, you qualify for our agency accounts. Learn more about agency accounts here.

As we are selling accounts, we are unable to process payment on website. For checkout click on more info and live chat.



I am so confident about my accounts and the way I tell to use them,  this is why your order today is protected by an iron-glad money back guarantee. I will replace or refund your money if you are not able to advertise with my account. Buyer satisfaction is my # 1 priority. Click here to check my reviews.

Trusted by top affiliates, offer owners and established brands.

Advertisers from the best.

Most frequent questions and answers

It is a very reliable profile because it has been reinstated through identity verification. These types of profile are very powerful and less likely to be triggered with a random restriction. The identity verification is done by submission of ID.

Bm1 means the business manager can create only one ad account while a Bm5 has the limit to create 5 ad accounts

Daily spend limit is the amount you can spend only daily basis on ads. Usually new business managers have lesser daily limits while aged business manager with prior transactions can have higher limits.

Yes, these profiles and bms are aged and verified, thus they have trust build with facebook. If you create a new profile and try to directly place ads you will be instantly flagged because of no prior history. On the other hand, my products are natural with real friends and history.

Once you lose an ad account facebook will likely take down your new ad accounts as well because of footprints. To get around this I will help you setup the profile the right way by providing 1 on 1 support and complete resource kit with video walkthroughs.

All orders are protected until you get live with ads. If there is any trouble during setup we fix or give free replacement. Buying from us will ensure you actually get live with ads. After your ads are live then it’s your responsibility, because your content is out of my control.

Yes, you can. Pricing chart is below for all items. 

Verified Bm1 $50 Spending Limit$80
Verified Bm5 $250 Spending Limit$180
Verified Bm5 Spending Unlimited$330
Strong Verified Aged Profile With Friends$50
Old Page with no likes$30

Get Customized Direction For Your Problem!

The best way to utilize my service is to contact me and tell me about your current problems with Facebook ads. This way I can guide you as per your situation. I have been dealing with several ad accounts in recent years, with so much exposure I know the ins and out of what works and what doesn’t. 

My service is best for people:

✅ Not able to spend more than $50 because there is a cap on daily limit.

✅ Profile disabled/restricted from advertising.

✅ Getting ban/disabled continuously and nothing is lasting. 

✅ Need more ad accounts for clients/agency.

✅ Need to create back up accounts.


How To Place Order

Message On Whatsapp To Choose Your Package

Choose Your Package

Choose your package as per your daily spending estimation and your needs.

Message Me Through Live Chat

Once you decided which package you need place your order through live chat.

Order Prepartion

Once you place order, I will get back to you with delivery within 24hrs to maximum 48hrs.

Setup Guidance And Support

I will help you setup your account correctly so you don't get ban again because of footprint.

Why Choose Us?

Strong Accounts

All profiles are strong with trust build with the platform

One Time Cost

Our service is a one time cost, no rental fee or anything

100% Safe

The method we use is 100% safe.

Quality Products

We provide quality products. Consumer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

24/7 Support

Our team is always available to entertain customer queries and we reply within hours.

Setup Guidance

We will provide complete walkthrough videos so that you can create bulletproof accounts.

A Marketer First Before Ever Owning An Ad Account Company

Hello, Welcome to DFUmedia! I am excited to have you here. With over 7 years of experience working in the marketing space I know exactly how it feels to lose a Facebook ad account and not being able to advertise because the algorithm keeps disabling you. 



I was in the same boat few years back. But after working with several high spending clients and facing several account shutdowns, I discovered what exactly works and what doesn’t. With loads of experience under my belt I can assure you that I will make it possible for you to get back with Facebook advertising stronger than ever. 


Feel free to shoot me a message and I will not only give you strong profiles and verified business managers but I will take a step further and will guide you on how to set them up properly so you can use them without facing any issues. 

Over 1500+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide…

(Safe And Secure Payment Options Available)

*All orders include walkthrough videos and tutorial on how to setup anti detect browser. So that you can even run 100s of profiles safely for a single computer.


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