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DFUMEDIA: Helping Marketers Scale To Seven Figures With Facebook Agency Ad Accounts.

Say Bye To Account Shutdowns

No More Facebook Ads Restrictions Now

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Looking to spend $5K/day from first day? You can do that on our agency ad accounts, no warmup anymore.


Using trusted accounts from trusted subjects will give you access to better CPMs and CPAs.


We will top up your ad accounts right away, 24/7. We provide the lowest top up percentage in the whole market. (Guaranteed)

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💪 Become Unstoppable

While advertising, you could face many bans: ads account ban, BM ban, ban of personal profile or Facebook page. With my bullet proof setup, your ads and efforts are immune to above, hence you:


☑️ Will never lose your Pixel data again.

☑️ Your business will not lose money by sudden interruptions because of ad accounts bans.

☑️ You will not have to recreate all of the BM’s, ad accounts and pages anymore by anyone


 With my bullet proof setup, you can only focus on one thing, that is profit! This is because:


☑️ You don’t need to warm up the account.


☑️ The ad account has unlimited spending.

☑️ You can scale to any budget faster than usual.

Dedicated Rep For You 24/7

Compliance Management

Setting Up Guidance


Top Up Recharge

General Support

Over 1500+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide…

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"Great Guy, Extremely Helpful"

“As a drop shipper I was always worried about account bans, Thanks to dfumedia and the team, I am not worried about this anymore. They not only helped me setup several backup accounts and business managers but also guided me how to keep my assets safe. The guy is a genius”..


Micheal L – New York, USA

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“Incredible Service”

“When I started fb marketing for a client I used to have one business manager but after a couple of good months I lost that BM and all assets because of being disable. It was a great setback for me. I tried to create a new ad account but the limit won’t just go up. Sadly i lost my client because of that. But thanks to DFUmedia I am not only managing risk with several backup accounts but also they gave me verified BMs with high spending limit”


Mehgna S – Delhi, India


"5 Star - Great People"

“Account bans was one of my biggest concerns that was stopping my affiliate business from scaling. Thanks to Sam and his team I am doing volume now”



Grant S – Sydney, Australia

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If your monthly ad spend budget is greater than $10000 than you qualify for this. Reach me out and I will get you started as soon as tomorrow. 


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